AHA Skills Day – Facilitator Instructions


The SFGH American Heart Association (AHA) skills day is held on the second Wednesday monthly (except 11/04/15) in the SFGH Learning Center. Drop in for BLS skills is from 8:00 to 10:30 and 1:00 to 2:00.  Drop in for ACLS skills is 8:00 to 10:30 and PALS skills is 1:00 to 2:00.


BLS:  At a minimum 4 instructors are need for the BLS class with six required for busier classes.  Generally, November through January as well as June and July tend to be less busy.  Other months tend to be more busy and require up to 6 instructors.  A full list of BLS instructors with contact information is available upon request.

ACLS/PALS:  Instructors for all ACLS and PALS classes is manged by John Fazio.


All equipment for all AHA classes is kept on the metal racks in the Learning Center storage area.  These racks are on wheels and can be moved into the training area to facilitation setup.  The room setup for BLS Skills is linked here and the equipment setup for each station is as follows:

Adult Station:  2 adult mannequins; 2 large ambu bags; 1 AED trainer; and relevant posters.

Pediatric Stations:  7 infant mannequins; 7 small ambu bags; and relevant posters.  Note:  If there are sufficient instructors a third pediatric station can be added.

Registration Area:  1 Laptop and an HP Laser Jet 1505 Printer (printer is located in the main office area and is configured to work with the AHA provider card templates).


Sign in Sheets (BLS, ACLS, PALS) for the various disciplines is required.  All sign in sheets are pre-configured and will need to be printed double sided.  Generally, the number of sheets required for each session are BLS: 10; ACLS: 2; and PALS: 1.  The course instructor (John Fazio) will need to sign all sheets at the end of the class.

BLS Skills verification packets are required for each student completing BLS skills (may also include ACLS students). Copies of these packets are kept on top of the office supply cabinet in storage area (pic).

ACLS/PALS Course paperwork is pre-printed and kept in portable file cases on the metal racks (pic).  Check monthly to ensure adequate copies.

Provider Cards (BLS, ACLS, PALS) are printed on site and issued to each student upon successful completion of both the online course and live skills demonstration.  Blank provider cards are kept in the bottom draw of the small file cabinet in the main office area (pic).  A backup supply is kept in the file cabinet to the right (pic).

The template for printing provider cards is linked here.  The template is pre-configured.  Please note that the template uses drop down menus for several of the fields, including the dates.  Once again, the template only works with the HP Laser Jet 1505.


Ask each student which class they are attending (BLS, ACLS or PALS).  Ensure they have completed the online portion of the relevant course(s) by asking for the course certificate (Sample).  Note:  Some ACLS students may also be completing the BLS certification.  If paperwork is in order ask them to sign on the relevant sign in sheet(s) and issue a BLS skills packet for the BLS students.  ACLS/PALS students just sign in and are asked to go to room 2301.

BLS students who have not completed the online course or do not have a certificate can still complete the skills but will not be issued a provider card.  If they’ve forgotten to print the certificate they can do so from the Medical Library ($0.25).  If they’ve not completed the course they can do so at a later date.  If they’ve not started the course they can register through normal means and complete the course at a later date.  If they’ve failed the course they are allowed a second chance.  Ask the student to keep all paperwork and return it to you when they’ve completed all course requirements.

ACLS/PALS students will not be able to attend skills if the on-line course is incomplete.  If they’ve forgotten their certificate they can print it from the Medical Library ($0.25).

Issuance of Provider Cards

Ensure that the student has completed all relevant skills and all paperwork is complete.  Staple skills packet to appropriate completion certificate and issue provider card(s) as instructed above.  Ensure that paperwork is separated according to discipline.

Post Course

All course keys must be reconciled and archived (key manager).  Any keys issued but not activated within the previous 3-months should be revoked and put back into the pool of available course keys. Additionally, all students successfully completing the certification(s) need to be entered and graded in Halogen.  Finally, all paperwork should be grouped by discipline and filed in the main office (pic).

Ensure that adequate supplies of provider cards and course keys are on hand at all times.  Supplies are ordered through Materials Management using the PMM system.  Generally, supplies should be reordered at the following levels:

  • ACLS Course Keys:  25
  • PALS Course Keys:  20
  • BLS Course Keys:  100
  • ACLS Provider Cards:  2 Packs
  • PALS Provider Cards:  1 Packs
  • BLS Provider Cards: 4 PackS