The Department of Education and Training

The Department of Education and Training (DET) ensures that the mission of the organization is met by offering training and education opportunities to support a continuous learning culture.


Our Mission
To provide a supportive and enriching learning environment to serve our ZSFG Community.

Our Vision
To be a highly valued department of ZSFG that contributes to the learning of Staff, Medical Staff, Volunteers, Students, Patients and Families of ZSFG.

Services We Provide
The Department of Education and Training supports the ZSFG strategic plan and learning needs of the organization by providing the following services:

Digital Classroom

    • Educational streaming media
    • Individual laptop stations
    • Media production
    • Skill demonstration through simulation training

Evaluation and Measurement

    • Evaluating training programs
    • Conducing learning needs assessments
    • Using data to improve trainings and learning experiences

Consulting Services

    • Identifying training needs
    • Designing training programs
    • Facilitating training courses
    • Developing custom training
    • Providing education techniques to support adult learning

Learning Management

    • Managing e-learning modules
    • Maintaining staff record of training
    • Training managers on how to access staff record

Patient Education

  • Krames
  • Translation services
  • Development of patient education materials with content experts
  • Health literacy support

Staff Education

  • New Employee Orientation
  • Life Safety Courses
  • Leadership Development Series
  • Staff Development Series
  • Continuing Education Courses