Continuing Education Offerings Application


Important Note

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CE Guidelines
California Code of Regulations:

Title 16, Division 14, Article 5 Continuing Education

Title 16, Division 14, Article 13 Continuing Competency Requirements and Inactive License Status

San Francisco General Hospital, Administrative Policy #5.13 San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center staff education policy
For BRN: It is the instructor’s responsibility to inform DET if an attendee is not entitled to receive credits.  Issuing partial credit is a violation of BRN regulations, therefore attendees are required to attend the full course to receive credit.  DET will not issue CE certificates to attendees with missing information on the attendance form.  CE certificates will be emailed to attendees within at least 3 weeks after the attendance list is submitted to DET.  Per BRN regulations, a CE provider has up to 90 days after the course to issue a CE certificate.