Welcome to New Employee Orientation

New Employee Orientation (NEO) is an established policy of the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG) Administration. NEO is provided to ensure that all new employees have the information, resources, and support necessary to perform their job safely and successfully.

Orientation Requirements

  • All new employees (CCSF and UCSF) assigned to work at San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center are required to attend New Employee Orientation (NEO)
  • Employees separated from the organization for more than 12 months due to any type of leave of absences and assignment completion1.
  • It consists of General Orientation (Day 1) and Clinical Orientation (Day 2).  Only after satisfaction of attendance requirement per job classification can the employee begin work in their designated department1,2.

Orientation Location

NEO is held in the Currin Carlisle Learning Center (click here for a location map) multiple times monthly unless otherwise noted (See Calendar below).

  • Registration opens at 7:45 AM
  • Sessions begins promptly at 8:00 AM.
  • Late arrivals may not be able to attend orientation and start work.

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Attendance Requirement

Please Click here for Both Day 1 and Day 2 Attendance Requirement 

Topics Covered

Day 1: General Orientation 

MD’s, Active and Affiliated Medical Staff, Fellows, PA’s, NP’s, Midwives, and Social Workers are only required to attend the first day of  the orientation and ARE NOT REQUIRED to return for Clinical Orientation (Day 2).

  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Regulatory Topics
  • Union & Deferred Compensation
  • Hospital Resources

Day 2:  Clinical Orientation

  • Patient safety topics
  • Practice session for safety devices and restraints
  • Information and skills relevant to all nursing units.

New Employee Clinical Orientation Presentation Material: this is for new employees’ reference only

1 Administrative Policy# 15.05 New Employee Orientation (Revised 01/2015)

2 Nursing Department Policy# 1.2 Orientation of Nursing Personnel (Revised 12/2013)

3 Department of Human Resources Classification and Compensation Database (Accessed 01/2017)