Patient Experience Workgroup

Meeting Time:         2nd Monday of the Month at 3:45 PM to 4:30 PM, Room 2A6
Leadership:             Chairs: Troy Williams and Baljeet Sangha

The Patient Experience Work Group will:

  • Identify strategic priorities to improve the patient and family experience,
  • Learn from patient experience data to identify areas for systems improvements,
  • Ensure meaningful communication occurs with our patients following a poor experience while receiving care, and
  • Provide a venue where the use of either positive or poor patient experience stories can be discussed and shared campus-wide.

Current Projects:

  • Improving Wayfinding for Patients – Team Lead Liliana Cabrera
  • Real Time Patient Experience Rounding – Team Lead Troy Williams
  • New Admit Packets – Team Leads Joseph Griffin, Tristan Cook, and Juliet Palarca
  • Patient Financial Services Improvement – Team Lead James Parker
  • Hospital Grievance/Compliment Reviews – Team Leads Ana Perucho, Ricardo Ballin, Nancy Omahen, Mary Cobbins