Resources and Tools

Video and Discussion: The Patient and Workforce Experience
As we contentiously work towards enhancing our workforce and patient experience we encourage departments to share the Empathy Video from the Cleveland Clinic.  Please use these discussion questions below to facilitate a conversation about your reactions.

Empathy Video Discussion Questions:

  1. How did this video make you feel?  Did you think about yourself or others?
  2. After viewing this video, would you treat your patients/co-workers differently?  How so?
  3. Would you treat patients with more compassion?  Why?

*Best Practice: Show video at staff meeting/huddle/in-service and discuss questions in large or small groups.  

Monthly Refresher Activities: Integrating Service Excellence into Practice
Every staff plays a pivotal role in transforming our SFDPH culture into one of Service Excellence and in providing our patients with a new “SFGH Experience.”  For the next several months, SFDPH is committed to focus on one of the seven specific standards that were introduced in the Summer of 2012 during our SFDPH-wide Service Excellence trainings.

  • This toolkit includes an implementation plan and activities to conduct with staff and colleagues.
  • View the Service Excellence Videos with staff during meetings/huddles/in-services
  • Post sample posters around your office or unit/department to reinforce Service Excellence: [Word Cloud 1],  [Word Could 2], [Word Cloud 3], [Word Cloud 4], [Word Cloud 5]