Behavioral Credo

WE Care 2


I will make eye contact and smile with patients, visitors and staff. I will offer a greeting  when passing, such as “Good Morning.”
I will wear a picture ID badge visibly at all times.


I will recognize co-workers for their exemplary efforts by complimenting them either verbally or in writing.

I will contribute to my team in positive ways by offering assistance to my co-workers.


I will not hesitate to ask visitors and staff whether they need help, especially if they look “lost.” Unless I am being called to an emergency, I will escort patients, or help find someone who can escort patients and families to their destinations.

I will remember to thank my patients and their families and friends for choosing San Francisco General for their health care needs. We are here to serve them, we exist because of them and we would love to serve them again.


I will make an effort to resolve problems at the point of service, or refer to an appropriate person.

I will be accountable for my actions and apologize for any experiences that do not meet expectations. 


I will treat all patients, visitors and staff with the respect and dignity that I would want for my own loved ones, even under the most challenging situations.

I will knock on a patient’s door before entering and ask permission to enter.


I will set expectations with patients by communicating discharge orders, patient education, delays in care or any changes directly to the patient and/or family

I will dress and behave professionally, as I would expect of professionals that care for me and my loved ones.

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