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Preceptors are employed by the San Francisco Department of Public Health or are subcontractor, like UCSF.

Preceptor Responsibility

  • It is the responsibility of a preceptor to provide instruction, supervision and or mentor ship to fulfill the student’s educational experience.
  • Preceptors will maintain required records, address conflicts or concerns, and evaluate placements.
  • Preceptors are solely responsible for the documentation of completing the student placement process.
  • Preceptors much retain hard or electronic copy of any required forms for three years.
  • Please contact the Department of Education and Training if you wish to have a school or program added to the approved schools list (Placement Agreement Form).
  • Once a school or program is on the approved schools lists, it is the preceptors responsibility to coordinate the student placement.

Please note:

  • Parking and meals are not available to students.
  • Health and fingerprinting screening costs are not covered.

Complete only if your student requires:

  1. Student Placement Agreement Form Complete if needed, to assure there is an agreement with when and where the student will be placed.  Please note you are not required to complete this form and it is only for you and the school contact.
  2. Obtain a completed Student Required Form from student.
  3. Complete only if your student requires:

(Please note, an active directory account will need to be made for the student. Follow your department procedure.)

Orientation Requirement

All students/faculty are required to complete online New Employee Orientation.

  1. Clinical students are required to complete an orientation module prior to starting their clinical rotation or placement.
  2. Non-Clinical Students are required to complete an orientation within 30 days of their start date.
  3. Students/faculty must provide their preceptor a copy of the Certificate of Completion. Please contact for more information.

Identification Badge

  • Students/Faculty must wear identification badges at all times.
  • If a student/Faculty has an existing identification badge which includes a first name, last name and photo, this badge can be used when on campus.
  • If a student/Faculty require a ZSFG issued identification badge please contact human resources.

Badge Process:

  1. Step One: Preceptor calls human resources at (628) 206.5538)to schedule an appointment.
  2. Step Two: Send student/faculty to the appointment with a signed letter on official letterhead which includes the following information:
    • Preceptor’s Signature
    • Student Full Name
    • Department/Unit
    • Student Title (optional)
    • Start/End Date (optional)
  3. Step Three: Assure that the student/preceptor brings valid photo identification to the appointment.