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Students are individuals who are enrolled in an approved academic program that have a current placement agreements with the San Francisco Department of Public Health. These programs include, but are not limited to, nursing, rehabilitation, health administration, public health, radiology, and nutrition. Student placements within ZSFG will not involve payment.


Faculty are instructors or coordinators employed by an academic program to provide instruction to students. Faculty must complete the Required Faculty Form below before instructing students on the ZSFG campus.

Students/Faculty Responsibilities

  1. Students/Faculty must find their own placements.
  2. Students, faculty or schools must contact current preceptors/ZSFG staff  for placement availability (click for contact list).
  3. Check to see if your school and program is on the approved school list.
  4. If your school or program is not on the approved school list, please fill out the Student Placement Agreement form.
  5. If your school or program is on the approved school list, please fill out the Required Student Form and submit it directly to your preceptor.

For more information, please contact the Department of Education and Training  at (415) 206-4655