It is important to ensure that written materials routinely provided in English are also provided in the identified Threshold Languages of patients served.  It is required that vital documents are translated into the threshold languages.

Vital documents include and are not limited to:

  • Signage and way-finding directions
  • Patient intake forms
  • Consent forms. Including, but not limited to: treatment, surgery, anesthesia, inpatient psychiatric treatment, and diagnostic tests.
  • Applications for federal and state health and social services programs.  Including, but not limited to, financial assistance.
  • Advanced directives
  • Patient complaint forms
  • Letters/notices pertaining to the reduction, denial or termination of services or benefits.
  • Letters or notices that require a response from the beneficiary or patient.
  • Documents that advise of free language assistance services.
  • General information on current clinical trials and opportunities to participate.
  • Information on emergency health issues.
  • Patient rights and responsibilities.
  • Billing and financial information.
  • Consents to release information.
  • Appointment reminder notices.
  • HIPAA Privacy Notice.
  • Key health education materials.

Other written materials will be translated when it is determined that a printed translated document is needed for effective communication.

Requesting a Translation

To request a translation, please follow the Steps 1 -3 highlighted in the Translation of Materials – Procedures for Originators document.

 If you have questions, please contact Tony Naguiat x64526

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