Volunteer at San Francisco General Hospital

Contact Information:

Zuckerberg San Francisco General, Building 5
7th Floor, Room 7F8
Volunteer Services Main Line: (415) 206-2444

Email: zsfgvolunteer@sfdph.org


 Goal:  Volunteers are an integral component of compassionate, comprehensive, cost-effective patient services at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG). The Volunteers augment Hospital staff services to help meet patients’ emotional, recreational, social and medical needs to enhance the quality of care and the overall patient experience.

The ZSFG Volunteer Department is charged with the administrative processing and placements of volunteers who support and supplement the mission and vision of ZSFG. This includes direct patient care activities at ZSFG, supported by the mission to provide quality health care and trauma services with compassion and respect, as well as indirect patient care activities such as research supported by the vision to advance community wellness by aligning care, discovery, and education.


There are four categories of volunteers list below:

Click on the volunteer category for more information on which best applies to you and to learn about the processing requirements.

Service Volunteer:

Provides placements in non-clinical and clinical settings and offers opportunities to explore many facets of the hospital.  Some of the most popular positions are in the following departments: Emergency Department, Urgent Care Center, Operating Room and Radiology.  Click here to view open volunteer opportunities.

Clinical Volunteer:  

Must have an pre-arranged agreement with an ZSFG provider and not enrolled in an academic program.

Research Volunteer:

Must have a pre-arranged research placement.

Visiting Volunteer:

Observes or shadows any hospital employee for no more than 5 days. This must be a pre-arranged agreement.